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Battery Voltage Monitoring System

  • M2M terminal
  • Voltmeter with LED display
  • Central Monitoring Software
Project Details

Voltmeter senses the voltage of various battery banks and save the battery bank voltages in its Modbus registers. M2M terminal continuously poll voltage data from voltmeter using RS485 Modbus RTU protocol and check for low voltage and high voltage alarm situation. Alarm situations are communicated to central server via SMS. Apart from alarm monitoring M2M terminal sends the voltage details of all battery banks to central monitoring station at regular intervals.

Central monitoring software accepts alarm and voltage information from all remote stations and saves in local database. Latest voltage / alarm information is displayed on the monitoring screen with different coloring schemes to indicate alarm and normal situation. Central Monitoring Software sends alarm SMS to mobiles of concerned engineers/supervisors, if any alarm situation is reported from the field.

Block Diagram